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 We've been working this week towards completing our mini sukkahs! We started by adding our hand prints to the "floor" of our sukkahs.  Today we painted the walls of our sukkahs using tempra paint sticks. We also continued working on our sukkah decorations.  Today we painted the clay beads we created on Friday!  Friends enjoyed selecting from different glitter paint choices and seeing how they changed color when combined.   On Monday, we finished our shofars by adding more sequins to the tubes and then Mrs. Rose added wax paper to the end so they would make a sound when blown in to! Indiana Early Learning Foundations: ELA3.1 Demonstrate mechanics of writing APL3.1 Demonstrate development of sustained attention and persistence CA3.2 Demonstrate creative expression through visual art production PHG3.1 Demonstrate development of fine and gross motor coordination

Clay Beads

Painting Shofars